Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 5--> 27th May 2009 Leaving London

Time is short especially you are sight-seeing.
A pity that we have so little time and yet so many attractions to cover.. but I think London is more or less covered in this trip..if there is yet another chance, taking a plane or train to Paris and other parts of Europe will be a must-do in our next travel itinerary!

Our journey to airport is via Heathrow Express as's kinda a confusion for us when we reached Terminal 4..we didnt see any BA counters for our flight back to Singapore..upon scrutinizing our document..we saw that it's operated by this time round..we will be taking Qantas back to Singapore!

We personally prefer Qantas than BA.. the food and movie entertainment was great..I watched a total of 5 movies: Mall Cop, He's Just Not that into You, Confessions of a shopaholic etc..

A 13h back to Singapore..sent both of us into jet-lag for some days..reminiscing the times in London while having the famous Harrods biscuits..This trip is just the beginning for our Europe discovery..More to come in the near future hopefully! =)

Thanks to you..yup..YOU!... for reading our London adventures =)
Hope you had a great time cruising through with us on this London Trip..

Delights from Harrods

Other highlights of London:
1. British Museum
2. Imperial War Museum
3.London Walks

Day 4--> 26th May 2009 Wembley Stadium, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Soccer Match and Tower Bridge..

Posh Car yet again! rains..bad weather..
We kinda rushed that day cuz woke up late.. This time we are travelling further away from Central London towards Wembley Stadium..

We booked a stadium tour via the net and wasnt expecting so many people until at the assembly point..I must say the tour is very rewarding and allow participants to have a great view of this newly renovated stadium and understanding the history behind it..

This cute boy is also one of the highlights in our tour

It was my 1st time to such a huge stadium..the players are very fortunate to have such great facilities...We took a tour of the bathing facilities, the changing room, the exercise and warm-up area, the meeting room where press conferences are held, the dining areas where you can enjoy the match while dining in a prestigious ambience..

Us at the press conference..ya right..

Us with the "Trophy"!!

Next stop is Sherlock Holmes Museum since there is still time before the Stomp Performance at Leicester Square nearby..I remebered reading the novels on this famous detective breaking crimes and being very intellectual in his unexpected trip that makes me kinda excited for some reason haa

We passed by Madam Tussard's museum during our journey..since we visited the one in HK, we decided to forego visiting this museum in London as the stars featured there are more English and not very known to us haha

Sherlock Holmes Museum Highlights

The Singapore's Sherlock Holmes

Me with Holmes

The baddie?

His working placeSherlock Holmes and Doctor John H. Watson

lived at 221b Baker Street between 1881-1904, according to the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The house was last used as a lodging house in 1936 and the famous 1st floor study overlooking Baker Street is still faithfully maintained as it was kept in Victorian Times.(quoted from website)

Beatles Store is just next to Sherlock Holmes Museum

We took the tube to Covent Garden Station..I read that there's always street entertainment for the public to watch and enjoy..true can sit anywhere in this area..drinking a cup of coffee or just doing the pigeons fly past you..get amused by the performers..appreciate the songs they sing..give a heartful laugh to anything that amuses you..that is the feeling I received from this place

It makes my day very happy by watching all these performances..had a great laugh..any money will be appreciated by the performers

Highlights in Covent Garden

We walked quickly to the New Ambassadors Theatre for the Stomp Performance..It was quite interesting but I felt was kinda long..I get a bit bored at the end of the show..nonetheless, it was a great experience..

Musicals are very common in London..each musical has their own theatre..everyday also have performance..usually at night..some examples are Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, Lion King, Phantom of Opera..We didnt catch the Phantom of Opera due to the time constraint..heard it was the best musical..probably should catch one in the future.

And shopping around Covent Garden was next!..quite good..we bought some stuff from there..and in search for some place to watch the Man United Vs Barcelona match that night..crowds were already there way before the match starts..we initially wanted to watch in a Pub but there were many chance, we came across this hotel and they were be showing the we settled down for a meal and the match in a very comfortable setting haha
Too bad, Man United lost in that match..while Barcelona fans were cheering loudly that night!

Hoping to see the night view, we made our way to River Thames to see the Tower Bridge and London Bridge..Only to realise we have mixed them up..all along we thought this bridge, in the following picture was Tower our was London Bridge! we were so BLUR!! haha

The mesmerizing view of the night scene along the river was another greatest gift from this trip..

And this magnificent ship was the HMS Belfast..

And the Tower Bridge!

No doubt both of us had extremely tired feet, the rewarding experience gotten from these scenery are definitely worth the fatigue.. Weather was great that night except being very chilly...our last night in London at these bridges definitely gave an unforgettable experience..You gotta come to these bridges to have a feel when you are in London..